It is estimated that the middle section of the barn was built in the late 1800's with hand-hewn timbers and wooden pegs.  Additions to the barn were made through the 1930's.

Corn Crib - Granary

The granary was built in the early '40s but was modified several times during its useful life as farming needs changed. 

Livestock Loading Chute

The wooden loading chute is unique and part of the livestock feeding operation tied into the lean-to portion of the old barn.  It has been restored.

Machine Shed

It was built in 1974 and received a makeover to make it look like the two older buildings.  Currently the building is divided into two areas: The Olde Country Shoppe on one side and Food Serving area on the other. 


Farm Products

Available for purchase are pumpkins, mums, Indian corn, straw bales, corn-shocks, fall decorations and more.  Over 70 varieties of pumpkins and gourds are available from one pounders to approximately 200 pound treasures.

The Olde Shoppe

You'll find jellies & jams, apple & pumpkin butters, relishes, noodles and fall items.


School Field Trips and Private Gatherings

Educational tours for kids to have a hands on farm experience, take a wagon ride to through the timber, see farmcrops and meet the "Farmers".

Special Educational Workshops are available to all ages.

The entire property is approximately 120 acres of farm ground, rolling hills and timber - enough variety to support a range of crops, provide sanctuary to the animals and the perfect spot for a farm and entertainment complex.


About the farmstead

Danielle with Horses "Bill & Bud",

Nick is coming too!

Original FARNSTEAD buildings

  • Pumpkin Patch (U-Pick or we pick)

  • Tractor Pulled Scenic Wagon Rides to timber Trail for all ages

  • Horse drawn wagon rides (SATURDAY ONLY)

  • Farm Animals
  • BARNYARD with Sandbox & Mechanical Diggers, Shelled Corn Box,Garden Tractor Wagon Ride (under 12),Roping Corral, Pedal Tractors & More
  • Olde Shoppe - Country Store
  • Food

Activities/times are subject to change.